Accelerating Change

A Simple Guide to Making Change Happen Faster Anywhere on Any Scale

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Our new online course, Accelerating Change, launching April 15th, focuses on how to make positive and sustainable change in yourself, your community, your organization, and the world! 

Individual Change

Community Change

Organizational Change

Systemic Change

Global Change

Your Co-Hosts

If you choose to participate in Accelerating Change, consider One Solution co-founders, Mara and Eirik, your guides and collaborators over the five weeks of the course. While this is a self-guided online experience, you will be able to ask Mara and Eirik any questions you might have a long the way. Toward the end of the course, you’ll also have the opportunity to share with Mara, Eirik, and other participants what kind of action you feel inspired and newly equipped to take toward making change.

Weekly Modules

Accelerating Change is designed to be an intensive five-week course, all focusing on making change happen anywhere, on any scale. Each week you will gain access to the following modules, all of which include several video lessons, discussions, interviews with partners and colleagues from various fields, webinars, and bonus material:

Week 1: Introduction Module
Week 2: The Human Mind and the World
Week 3: Any Problem on Any Scale
Week 4: Bringing it All Together
Weekly: Q&A Discussion Recordings
Ongoing: Additional Resources

Important Dates & Trailer

April 15th: The course begins with Module 1: Want to Accelerate Change? Start Here! and Module 2: The Human Mind and the World.

April 29th: Module 3: Any Change on Any Scale begins.

May 6th: Module 4: Bringing it All Together begins.

Here are the dates for the live Q&A’s.

Sunday, April 28  at 2 PM CST

Monday, May 13 at 2 PM CST


Guest Speakers



Why did you make this course?

It’s hard to propel a rocket to outer space without a rocket engine. It’s equally as difficult to make change happen, on any scale, when we don’t have a deep grasp of how the mind is the engine that drives all change. It is our hope in offering this course that we can provide you with a personal jetpack that propels you forward by offering sustainable clarity, inspiration and the internal tools to make change happen faster. It is our ultimate hope to inspire more people, whether already involved in change initiatives, or just curious citizens of the world, to be propelled to action and feel they have the understanding of how to navigate their own mind, as well as others, in the process of creating a better world for us all.

Who is the course designed for?

Accelerating Change is designed for anyone who has thought:

How can we improve the state of things?
I want to help, but I don’t know how…..
There’s got to be a better way! Why isn’t change in my (community, business, world) happening faster?…
I’ve been a change-maker for some time, but I’m not sure I can keep this up. How do I avoid burning out?…
Why is the state of the world the way that it is?
How does our understanding of the mind actually affect the state of the world?
I want to learn something new!
I wonder if there are any online courses out there that are interesting, fun, easy, but also going to blow my mind?

How much does the course cost and do you offer scholarships?

The course costs $180, and yes, we do offer scholarships. We offer partial or full scholarships to young, student change-makers or group discounts for larger organizations or schools that would like to purchase the course for more than 10 participants. Please inquire for more details: [email protected]

Is the course all independent learning or is there interaction?

Each week you’ll be given access to a series of videos to watch, in your own time. After the first two weeks, and after the fourth week, there will be online video Q&A sessions with the course hosts, Mara and Eirik, for you and the other students to come and bring your questions. Additionally, at any time during the course, you can post written questions below any of the videos and they will be answered within the week.

How much of a time-commitment is it?

Accelerating Change is designed to be completed in a 5-week period and will cover all kinds of change from the micro to the macro, and how to facilitate it in a new and engaging way. We will cover:

  • Individual Change
  • Community Change
  • Organizational Change
  • Systemic Change
  • Global Change

Each week you will gain access to the following modules, all of which include several video lessons:

Week 1 & 2: Want to Accelerate Change? Start Here
Week 1 & 2: The Human Mind and the World
Week 3: Any Problem on Any Scale
Week 4: Bringing it All Together
Weekly: Q&A Discussion Opportunities on Zoom
Ongoing: Even after you complete the course, you’ll have ongoing access to go back and re-watch any of the videos again, or watch recordings of any of the Q&A sessions you may have missed. Additionally, any time we come across helpful resources, we’ll be sure to share them with you.

Can someone walk me through the online platform so I’m sure I understand how to use it?

Yes! Even before you’ve registered, if you just want a better look, you can schedule an appointment with [email protected] and she will kindly walk you through the whole platform making sure you know how to log in and access all the videos, where to ask questions, and how to join the live Q&A sessions.

Our new online course launches on April 15th! Register for the Accelerating Change Course now!

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Additional Note
Eirik Olsen, Co-Founder and Director, became fascinated by the relationship between the mind and human capability after his experience in the Norwegian military and deployment in the Middle East. He spent the next years working from this new understanding and founded NorthMind, a Scandinavian-based company working with individuals and leaders in addition to an Academy to train mentors of this understanding. Through the founding of NorthMind, Eirik came to the realization that this understanding could be applied to people across all fields, from individuals, to communities, and to the wider world. So, together with Mara Gleason, he then co-founded One Solution Global, whose sole purpose is to see if it’s possible to bring a single solution to solve the world’s most complex problems.
Stephanie Fox, Middle East Director, is a humanitarian professional and educator with 20 years of experience in international project management, education, and research with NGOs, the private sector, and the United Nations in Gaza. With expertise in conflict prevention and transformation, she is passionate about the potential for global peace via a simple understanding of the mind. She is the creator of A Curious World educational products, which unlock the innate resilience in children. Stephanie developed the UN’s first educational satellite channel in the Middle East, which is viewed in 20 countries in the region and provided emergency education to Syrian refugees. She enjoys working with people from all types of backgrounds, giving her the opportunity to point to what all humans have in common.
Dajohn White, Youth Leader and Co-Founder of Rebels for Peace, was born and raised in Southside Chicago, and believes he was put on this earth to improve the mindsets and well being of others. As the youth leader of Rebels for Peace, Dajohn focuses on strengthening the mindsets of the youth of Chicago and beyond to rebel against the common belief that retaliation is the way of dealing with conflict, and instead find better solutions to violence. Through Rebels for Peace, Dajohn has cultivated a movement for peace by working with all age groups from communities around the world.

Isabell Retamoza, Administrative Assistant, is a Mexican-American, and Cherokee Native American from San Diego, California. In 2018, she graduated magna cum laude from University of California, Santa Cruz with degrees in Literature and Feminist Studies. Isabell has experience working on violence prevention with other non-profits that focused on the border crisis in San Diego, and Tijuana, and wrote her undergraduate thesis on the high rates of violence against Native Women.

Josh Downing, Videographer, Photographer, is a writer, director and editor originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After receiving his B.F.A in film production at Oklahoma City University in 2016, he spent the next two years working as a freelance editor in Los Angeles and New York. He has written and directed short films that have been accepted to national and international festivals and, most recently, he co-wrote and co-directed his first feature film, "All We Have is Now." After switching gears to documentaries and non-profits, Downing wishes to use his video production skills to work for his community and shed a new light on important issues that surround the world today.