Author: Mara Gleason

What is the solution?

A set of three universal principles behind the human experience forms the core of One Solution. These principles explain that thought, not external factors, creates our experience; that consciousness makes that experience real to us; and that every person possesses innate resilience, or the capacity for new thought, through the in-built intelligence of the mind. Why are principles the solution? Principles don’t change; they are predictable and determinant. Without principles, we just throw ideas and money at problems, and deal with the randomness of impact. Think of medicine before germs were discovered. Conversely, principles provide a predictable positive direction....

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What is the problem?

We boldly call this initiative One Solution because it demonstrates that all societal problems actually stem from a singular problem. While this might seem overly simplistic, to quote Einstein, “Anybody can make something more complicated; it takes a genius to make it simple.” The singular problem is this: humans misperceive their experience of life – which includes their feelings and their perception of reality – as being caused by external forces. This single erroneous assumption is as detrimental and limiting as believing the world is flat or that disease is caused by miasmas. Until now, humanity has lacked a...

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